The Stormwind Armed Forces are the military force in the faction of Stormwind, composed of several regiments of soldiers.

Organization Edit

The Stormwind Armed Forces are organized into several regiments of 1,100 men, which in turn are divided into ten divisions of 110 soldiers. These divisions are broken down further into five companies of 22 soldiers. Some companies may choose to organize themselves into two squads of 11.

  • Regiment - 1,100 soldiers
  • Division - 110 soldiers
  • Company - 22 soldiers
  • Squad - 11 soldiers

Rank system Edit

The High King of the Alliance acts as the Lord Commander of the Stormwind Armed Forces; the Lord Commander has supreme command of the entire army. Generals answer to the Lord Commander, they lead entire individual regiments. Commanders lead divisions, and below them captains lead companies within those divisions. A squad may be led by a corporal.

  • Lord General - Stormwind Armed Forces
  • General - Regiments
  • Commander - Divisions
  • Captain - Companies
  • Corporal - Squads

Units in the Stormwind Armed Forces Edit

Notable members of the Stormwind Armed Forces Edit