Ralith Anadruil, also called Ralith the Render and the Kor'kron Killer, is a loyal elf of the Order of the Leaf that believes in one purpose: The protection of nature. With the aid of his druidic animal forms, he seeks only to aid those in need, and safeguard the wild.

Summary Edit

Ralith Anadruil was born to a night elven Sentinel over four thousand years before the dawn of the First War. Upon reaching maturity he sought to join the druidic organization, the Order of the Leaf; once he had become an official member, he began to look up to its founder, Dorondaer Fadrielad, whose fate had become unknown after disappearing into the Emerald Dream. Through several millennia of training, Ralith made his way up the ranks in the order. By the time of the Third War, Fadrielad reappeared, and Ralith immediately began to almost idolize him.

After several years, Ralith was taught by Dorondaer himself not to idolize his heroes, but rather forge his own person. With this in mind, Ralith began to train in the arts of shapeshifting, and became a well-known protector of the wild, known as the Render. Around the time of the Shattering, Ralith became a trusted adviser to Dorondaer, as well as one of his closest friends. Following the Skirmish in Darnassus, Ralith became renowned as he was instrumental in the downfall of traitors in the order.

When Pandaria was discovered by the Alliance and Horde, the Render accompanied Dorondaer to the continent to learn more of its secrets. At some point, the two parted ways as Ralith was eager to learn, resulting in him spending several months mostly in his shapeshifted form, wandering the land. He returned to the Order of the Leaf in time for the Siege of Orgrimmar, during which he was dubbed the Kor'kron Killer.

Ralith fought in battle alongside Dorondaer during the Assault on Tanaan Jungle, and was later instrumental in the rescue of an orc leader, Drakthor. When the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth for the third time, Ralith led druids in the Order of the Leaf in battle against the Legion; however, after a battle in the forest of Val'sharah the order was decimated, and supposedly Ralith's life was taken as well. After the battle, Dorondaer and his spouse, Arasdis, wandered the forest in search for him, although their efforts were in vain after several weeks.