Legion's Downfall was a group composed of members of the Alliance and the Horde dedicated to weakening the Burning Legion defenses on the Broken Shore mere weeks prior to the Assault on the Broken Shore. Their members were of a number of different classes, and were led by Drasgar Emsworth and Drakthor. Their first and only encounter with the Legion, at the foot of the Tomb of Sargeras, resulted in their retreat after the supposed death of Emsworth at the hands of one of their own, Kazamo.

Drasgar profile 100px Skaitia profile
Drasgar Emsworth Drakthor Skaitia Drakornai
Arasdis profile Maielle profile Kilonar profile
Arasdis Fadrielad Maielle Kilonar Blightflame
Thalendra profile
Thalendra Dawnfire