"The only glory any demon hunter will find is the annihilation of the Burning Legion. It is our mission and our obligation."
Kilonar Blightflame, initially known as Ki'lonar Swiftshade, is a Night elf demon hunter that was born around twenty years prior to the War of the Ancients. He served in the Kaldorei Resistance during the war, and was a major but subtle supporter of Illidan Stormrage. After the imprisonment of Illidan, Kilonar faked his death to exile himself from the night elves out of rage, and sought to become a disciple of Illidan. For ten thousand years Kilonar journeyed through the continent of Kalimdor, sometimes returning to the night elves under a different guise to see the evolution of their civilization. At some point during the Third War, Kilonar witnessed the death of his family, causing him to begin his hunt for Illidan Stormrage.

When the Dark Portal was reopened in the year 26, Kilonar traveled through it to find Illidan at the Black Temple, where he began training as a demon hunter. Through his trials, he became friends with the fellow night elf, Daldoren. Eventually, Kilonar was among the demon hunters sent to Mardum to retrieve the Sargerite Keystone; following this mission, Kilonar and the Illidari returned to the Black Temple to find Illidan killed; Kilonar attempted to kill Maiev Shadowsong as a response, but was imprisoned alongside the rest of his comrades. About seven years later, they were released when the Vault of the Wardens came under siege; after fighting their way out, the Illidari met with Archmage Khadgar, and eventually returned to the Fel Hammer on Mardum, where they renewed their crusade against the Burning Legion.

During the War in the Broken Isles, Kilonar met the night elf Sentinel, Thaldrissa Silversong.